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Online PDF publications (click on links below for ebooks or print resolution files)

The Place Of Three Bridges (Coming Soon)

Panorama: I Like Shopping Centres and Shopping Centres Like me PDF file 2.9mb Print Res. 28.3mb

The Architect's House PDF file 1.6mb Print Res 14.5mb

Meditations On An Ideal Home 2008 PDF file 1.6mb Print Res 40.6mb

Plans For The Past And The Future PDF 1.4mb Print Res 30.2mb

The House and the Tree PDF file 1.8mb Print Res. 24.5mb

Selected Drawings 1.4mb Print Res 24.4mb

Mobile Studio PDF file 4.1mb

Die Bildermacher- Animates PDF file 3.7mb

Recent Animation and Video PDF file

Selected Installations PDF file 3.7mb Print Res. 34.6mb

PDF versions of publications

Meditations On An Ideal Home 2008 PDF file

Unseen Catalogue 2008 PDF file

Panorama, Draiocht, Catalogue 2006 PDF file

Auf der Galerie / Up in the Gallery Catalogue 2006 PDF file

Mobile Museum Catalogue 2004/5 PDF file

Overlook 2004 PDF file (9mb)

Studio In The Woods Catalogue 2004 PDF file

Fictionlands Catalogue 2003 PDF file (2mb)

Die Bildermacher 2002 PDF file (16mb)




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