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recent work: sculptural installation

Untitled (Seasons Blockbuster), Projected animation on wooden structure

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O’Kanes paintings have always had a strong sense of form and spatiality – ideas and structures that lend themselves easily to the three dimensional into sculpture and installation. The painting Drive Through (2007) which depicts the back of a disused drive-in movie screen, could be seen to correlate with the 2007 installation work Untitled (Seasons Blockbuster) in which a stop frame animated painting is projected onto a structure made from discarded wood collected from the farmland where Christmas trees grow. As in Drive Through, the structure mimics that of the drive-in movie screen – an object onto which dreams and aspirations are to be projected and which, when we look more closely, reveals itself to be makeshift and unglamorous. It is an antidote to our fantasy, the grime behind the glamour of Hollywood where starlets die of overdoses and spend very public stints in jail or rehab. O’Kane draws attention to the artifice of the fantasy that is projected in which a building used as the bookshop at the Venice Biennial, materializes from a simple line drawing and through a series of painted layers travels throughout the seasons before de-materialising once more.

Jacqui McIntosh, 2008


Wooden Support I, Projected animation on wooden boxes

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Wooden Support III, Dead tree and chair leg
Wooden Support II, dead trees and wooden plank
Wooden Support IV, Dead tree and wood



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