Wood Archive: M100, Odense, Denmark

Wood Archive is an exhibition where Eamon O’Kane's work on wood is expressed. Wood as a basic material and basis, as in carbon, the foundation of all life. Wood Archive is thousands of wooden elements. Items produced on a weekly basis in Eamon's studio. 

Positive and negative forms are presented so that it can be difficult to know what remains of the process and what are the results of the process. The exhibition focuses on the chemical element Carbon, or Carbon. Carbon is the chemical base for all life on earth, and is presented in the work so that the viewer can skip experiencing it at the micro level, as in the interior of a computer, or at the macro level as the view of a big city. Nature is here transformed, stored and structured into an archive that can recall the connection between art and memory. For many years, Eamon O’Kane has worked with the relationships between nature and man. Man as a nature who can learn from his experiences and man as a being that intervenes in nature, for example by building and changing it. An interest that can also be seen in O’Kane's work with Fröbel, who founded modern pedagogy, and who created new learning tools with, for example, wooden blocks.


M100, Odense