Posthuman: JOY Forum, ROM 61, Arts and Humanities Library, UiB, Bergen

Posthuman features digital art and electronic literature that engages with the posthuman condition: enactments of complex human-technical assemblages in which cognition and decision-making powers are distributed in both aesthetic and literary systems - what N. Katherine Hayles would call "cognitive assemblages" and what Laura Shackelford and Louise Economides call "surreal entanglements."

Posthuman will showcase artworks by 16 international artists who responded to an open call from the Electronic Literature Organization and SLSAeu, and is part of both EL0 2021 Festival: Platform (Post?) Pandemic and the 2021 SLSAeu conference: Literary and Aesthetic Posthumanism. The exhibited works will be shown in JOY Forum, Knut Knaus, Rom 61 and the UiB Humanities Library. The exhibition also has an online component at: that will launch at the same time as the in person UiB exhibition.


Santiago Canek Zapata Paniagua, David Jhave Johnston, Winnie Soon, Simon Biggs, Beat Suter and René Bauer, Roderick Coover, Will Luers, Karen Ann Donnachie and Andy Simionato, Nick Montfort, Kyle Booten, David Thomas Henry Wright, Johannah Rodgers, Eamon O'Kane, Kat Mustatea, John Murray and Mark Marino, Brad Gallagher.


Curated by Eamon O'Kane, Jason Nelson, Scott Rettberg, and Joseph Tabbi