Tourist Interface: Orchard Gallery, Derry, N. Ireland

Eamon O'Kane's Tourist Interface looks set up as an examination of surroundings- both his own negotiation of particular surroundings, (a whistle-stop tour of fourteen states of America), and a supply of visual information relating to his journey which implicates viewers into a similar relationship with what is presented.

Tourist Interface is certainly a lot to look at. The images are heaped up like ham and eggs, pancakes and syrup, free refills of corffee. O'Kane, having presented himself with America, presents us with series of photographic visuals culled from an enormous source of images taken there. His itinerary is planned, and therefore his surroundings at any minute are expected to be new, but then unfurl themselves in their particularity as constant stimulants. This is pretty much what we meet too. Encapsulated within someone else's voyage, some carefully selected particulars dislodge themselves from the generality of their framing and allow us to examine how they exemplify the difficulties of adequately representing an experience.


From the catalogue essay by Padraig Timoney