Restoration MCMXCVII

This solo exhibition by artist Eamon O'Kane involves a dialogue between two cities, Derry and Florence. At first there may seem to be very little in common between these apart from them both being cities. They do however have quite significant similarities to one another. Both have been built on major rivers, the Foyle and the Arno, and Derry's original city plan has been influenced by the Roman city plan on which Florence was based, shown by the lieness between the structure and the placement of the two main streets.

This solo exhibition by Eamon O'Kane was part of Locations, Dislocations, Relocations which involved exhibitions organised by the Orchard Gallery including, Willie Doherty- Same Old Story. Wanderings- A selection from AIB art collection on tour. Jack B. Yeats- A selection from the Sligo County Council art collection on the 40th anniversary of the artists death. Restoration MCMXCVII- a solo exhibition by Eamon O'Kane.

Other artworks are located throughout the city and include- Dominique Blain- Land, Locky Morris- Past Conversation, Colin Darke- Crash, Philip Napier- Gauge, Brian Maguire- Choice, Conor McFeely- Disclaimer, Anna Katrina Dolven- Angel, Carol Murphy- Ambassador, Maria Fusco- Am Completely Crackers.