Exhibition Review: The Guardian, Laura McLean-Ferris

Laura McLean-Ferris, The Guardian, January 16, 2009

'Eamon O'Kane's recent work might be described as "half history, half something else". A whirlwind series of exhibitions called Case Histories has already been to Rugby, Berlin, New York and London, and now touches down in two Bristol locations. O'Kane informs us that in 1689 King James II had a meal under a sycamore tree in what is now the garden of the artist's parents. At Plan 9 Gallery, design history and personal mythology are deliberately confused, as the artist transforms the space into a workshop for recreating a set of replica chairs so that the meal can be restaged. At the quayside, meanwhile , there's O'Kane's Container Studio – a shipping container in which the artist exhibits drawings of Bristol's town planning history unfaithfully remixed with Le Corbusier's plans for Paris. The result is a vision for an unrealised Bristolian utopia.'


Laura McLean-Ferris guardian.co.uk, Friday 16 January 2009