"Der Glasraum at Gregory Lind Gallery"

Joey Stevenson, Flavorwire, September 10, 2010

Irish painter O’Kane employs both meticulous quasi-realism and expressive, gelatinous abstraction in depicting half-imagined architectures. Hinting at the ghosts of their makers as much as the perceptual itinerary of their inhabitants, O’Kane’s new series fuses Modernist glass, steel, and concrete archetypes into psychologically and visually lush inversions of time, space, boundaries, and histories. 

Irish fine artist Eamon O'Kane is obsessed with modernist architecture. In his 2008 painting Lloyd Wright Dreaming he depicted the interior of a Frank Lloyd Wright house. Through its window you could see the fictional (and Wright-inspired) Vandamm house, from Hitchcock's North by Northwest (1959). In February 2010, O'Kane built a scale model of architect Philip Johnson's Glass House in the foyer of the 101 California building. For his current show Der Glasraum at Gregory Lind Gallery, the artist splices together the architecture of the Glass House and Mies van der Rohe's Farnsworth House. His work explores the dichotomy of angular avant-garde structures jutting up against nature. He also includes architectural floor plans, and captures modernist furniture like the Barcelona chair, using acrylic and coffee.

Joey Stevenson- Sep. 2010