Book: Spacecraft 2: More Fleeting Architecture and Hideouts

Editors: Robert Klanten and Lukas Feireiss, Published by Gestalten, February 1, 2009

 This book showcases international projects by architects, artists and designers all distinguished by the unconventional use and creation of space. The dynamic range of work presented in this volume stretches the existing concepts of temporary architecture, thus unhinging conventional definitions of spatial design. 'Spacecraft 2' features modular ephemeral structures that exist only for a limited time, such as pavilions, art projects and exhibition spaces. They exemplify innovative interventions often found in public spaces and urban environments. It also presents projects that deal with the transient use of space such as studios, mobile habitats and pop-up stores that either adapt to their surrounding environments or are strikingly conspicuous.


Eamon O'Kane artwork featured on p. 66.