Book: EV+A 1999 - Reduced

Editor: Paul M O'Reilly, Published by Gandon Editions, September 24, 1999

In 1999 the remodelled and expanded Limerick City Gallery of Art re-opened and EV+A 1999 was the first exhibition to take place there. Art historian, curator and dealer, Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn was the curator. Of the 325 artists who submitted for inclusion in Open EV+A 99, 60 were chosen. “One common attribute shared by all of the artists, which functioned as a criteria for selection, is their specialised, ‘reduced’ point of view, understood in both literal and metaphorical terms. The artists all display an ability to distil their ideas into a simple plan. The exhibition title, EV+A 99 Reduced, reflects this commonality” [taken from Jeanne Greenberg Rohatyn’s essay in the 1999 catalogue].

Young EV+A 99 included the artists in the gallery prorgamme and workshops. The workshops were held over ten weekends with a group of 19 young adults, drawn from 10 secondary schools, who met and worked with a series of ten contemporary artists. The resulting exhibition was presented at Belltable Arts Centre.

The 1999 EV+A Colloquies on Contemporary Art and Culture took place in July, initiating further debate on issues of importance that arise in the interaction between contemporary art and culture.


Eamon O'Kane artwork featured on pp. 30-31.

ISBN: 0946846-26X