Fluid Spaces: Eamon O'Kane: Høyersten Contemporary, Bergen, Norway

The surface space of this planet is filled with fluids—air and water—which we humans have adapted to by both natural and technological means. We not only live within veritable oceans of these fluids, with their ebbs and flows, their flux and interactions, but have become entirely dependent upon them. Their lighter density relative to that of our own bodies, allows us to move about with relative ease.
Architecture, traditionally, is the anti-fluid, or rather it is a primary form of resistance to the flux and flow of air and water, creating fixed points in their turbulence. In a similar way, architecture has always aimed at providing a refuge—‘shelter from the storm’—from a sea of changes continuously occurring in the intertwined human and natural worlds.
Lebbeus Woods

In his exhibition Fluid Spaces at Høyersten Contemporary, artist Eamon O'Kane will explore architecture and the natural elements, especially water through a new series of paintings inspired by research visits to mid century modern buildings.

Eamon O'Kane (1974) is an Irish artist from Belfast who lives in Denmark and Norway. O'Kane works in various mediums such as painting, sculpture, print, drawing, photography, and installation as well as video and public commissions. 

O'Kane explores nature and human traces such as architecture, design, and technology. At first glance, his works are lush, abundant, and accessible. However, his works are often dualistic in the sense that they hold a certain emptiness. It is rare to find humans within his works - perhaps they have abandoned these rich places, O'Kane shows us. In other works, trees and woods stand for themselves and make up the entire artwork. In a sense, you can say that O'Kane works with the lack of balance between nature and humans, and how we as humans affect and exploit nature. In another sense, he approaches the idea of past and presence with a phenomenological perspective.

O'Kane works as a Professor of Visual Art at The Art Academy, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, University of Bergen, Norway. He has a Master of Fine Art from the University of Ulster and another MFA from Parsons in New York. He teaches, researches, and produces art. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, group shows, and public commissions. He is represented in museums, public, and private collections in Europe, the USA, and Asia. 


Høyersten Contemporary
Inger Bang Lunds vei 16, Bergen
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