TRANSFORMATION AND DISRUPTION: More than meets AI: Worth Ryder Gallery, UC Berkeley, CA, USA

Curated by Jill Miller, Eamon O'Kane, and Scott Rettberg
This project conducts a scholarly and artistic investigation of artificial intelligence and its role in creativity, narrative and artistic innovation. We do so from a critically engaged perspective, that both engages with the new creative potentialities of AI for the arts and literature, while also investigating and addressing some of the significant challenges AI poses for our culture and society.
In addtion to the large scale exhibition at UC Berkeley's  Worth Ryder Gallery, there will be an infrastructure tour exploring AI's and digital technologies' physical infrastructures and environmental impacts in the Bay Area and Norway, and a new AI art and digital literature exhibition at UC Berkeley's Platform. During year two, we will curate an expanded public-facing version of the exhibition with new inputs from writers and artists affiliated with Bergen's Center for Digital Narrative. CDN and UiB will organize a research symposium on the narrative and artistic constraints and affordances of AI.
Artists in the exhibition:

Birgitte Aga, Mez Breeze, Roderick Coover, Edgar Fabian Frias,  Micol Hebron, Carl Hugo Hernqvist, Jhave Johnston, Asma Kazmi, Alison Knowles, Alinta Krauth, Koirus (Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle), Patrick Lichty, Theo Lutz, Talan Memmott, Avital Meshi, Jill Miller, Nick Montfort, Jason Nelson, Eamon O'Kane, Mario de la Ossa, Sonja Rappaport, Scott Rettberg, Mario Santamaria, Alex Saum, Sasha Stiles, Victor H. Yngve

Previously in 2019 O'Kane co-curated a show at UC Berkeley's Worth Ryder gallery titled "Hyperobjects," which focused on digital art practices addressing climate change (co-curated by Greg Niemeyer, Eamon O'Kane, and Scott Rettberg).